Crash course on setting up spatialized audio for VR (Android) ?


​​​​​​​I went over the quick guide and other posts and I was unable to find any basic explanation for audio setup for VR (desktop, PSVR or mobile).

At this point I just want to add sounds to my game and I want to be able to detect them in 3D space (some need to be spatialized, some need to be stereo I guess - music, winds maybe, etc.).

How do I do that in UE 4.20 for mobile VR (Oculus Go / upcoming Oculus Santa Cruz) and desktop VR (Oculus Rift) ?

Also, how do I add reverb and occlusions ?

Thanks beforehand

The new audio engine supports android, with attenuation/spatialization, reverb, etc.If you want to use plugins like resonance/steam audio and others, check their docs and if development is active. I would use the new unreal audio engine.

New audio engine is backwards compatible, and way better. Also lots more functionality. And it’s all pretty seamless in BP.

Yep, I was aware of that a while back. This info doesn’t help answering my question, sorry.

I guess I will use Steam Audio - it seems to be well documented (for VR specifically) and works on Android.