[CRASH]Blueprint Migration

rocket crashed while trying to migrate some blueprints to the Shootergame
attaching error autoreportlog

Hi Emile,

When you migrate the files which folder do you migrate them to? Did this happen with anything else or only with blueprints? Did the blueprints actually migrate over or not at all? Also could you include the log file.


they seem to transfer and I migrate them to the content folder. not sure but I think it has to do with the migration of a child blueprint?


Could you provide the blueprint you moved over?

its the one from the Content Example. The BP_Pickup_Child_Health.

Hey Emile,

While we weren’t able to reproduce your crash internally, I have filed a defect report with your callstack for further investigation. Are you able to reproduce this crash if you migrate content from a new project to ShooterGame (or any other project) or is it only with this method of migrating from Content Examples to ShooterGame?



I Only had problems migrating into the shootergame. migrating into a new project did not cause the crash