Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of High Definition!

Some of you may have seen this on the Facebook group, since it’s a project that has a lot of interest already and that I’m really passionate about I thought I’d make a thread and keep updates going.

So, those of us old enough to remember the Playstation 1 era, undoubtedly played Crash Bandicoot. If you haven’t… GO PLAY IT!. I was deeply saddened to hear that Naughty Dog weren’t going to do anything with Crash. They made a Jak and Daxter HD pack but not a Crash Bandicoot!? What the heck!

I’ve decided to remake it in my spare time. Whether I follow the game exactly or not is still in the air. I’m more worried about getting the gameplay side down first, so I’ve just made a test map where I can spawn entities and quickly test the features.

Just a forewarning though, I’m not an artist by trade. I’m a programmer, I just use what I’ve picked up to do what I need. So things aren’t going to look stunning.
I’ll keep doing regular updates where I can.

Disclaimer incase a Naughty Dog employee happens to see this…
I’m not out to make money off this. Crash Bandicoot is what got me into gaming. I just want to see a new generation enjoy it as much as I did. The project will be released entirely free once it is finished. You own all the rights, and I’ll be crediting that.

Here’s what I’ve got so far… It’s about two weeks work.

My focus for the next week is to get the crate interactions down.

So far I’ve done:

  • Crash moves, jumps, flips, etc.
  • Crash’s spin attack works, albeit with a bad animation.
  • Arrow Crate - Allowing crash to reach higher when he bounces on it
  • Wumpa Fruit - Can be collected and when 100 is reached, a new life is given
  • Basic Crate, two variants, upon being broken releases Wumpa Fruit.

Th first crash bandicoot is a timeless classic in my book! Would love to see some sort of remake, keep it up.

Thanks! Would you want an exact remake? I’m trying to decide how I want the camera, so I’d love some community feedback.

I reckon have the camera a bit higher than the original so you can judge gaps better. I’ve fell down so many holes thinking I could just jump over.

I wouldn’t say copy the levels but keep that gauntlet style linear level design :slight_smile:

Cool! Huge Crash Bandicoot fan myself.
I actually took time to find out who was responsible for those great character designs, which turned out to be Charles Zembillas and I took a few art lessons from him in Burbank, CA
Good luck with the project!

Kudos to you!
I hope you will succeed, really want to see it finished!

Thanks for the positive feedback :slight_smile:

As my main focus was getting Crash working properly, I needed an AkuAku model. First pass done :slight_smile:

I didn’t spend much time on his feathers, but I’ll be going over them in a second pass.

I worked on a few crates yesterday, besides the blunder on the Checkpoint box, I think it’s okay.

And I also worked on this crystal yesterday

Today though, I got frustrated with it’s darkness and redid it’s material

Those features are screaming to have some APEX added to them!

My friends making this maybe you guys should get in touch! :slight_smile:

Hey guys,
Sorry for the lack of updates, some life events caused me to run out of time to work on stuff. I’ll post a bunch of stuff that I worked on soon :slight_smile: I’m in the middle of doing it.

What the hell?!

Also ND doesn’t own the rights to Crash anymore, I believe. I think it is ludicrous! How dare they not remake a classic like Crash :(…Then again I’m also working on a Tenchu fan-make so…yeah.

No but on topic, I love this topic. I am incredibly interested to see how this project goes, and if you need someone to test out some levels, I’ll happily dedicate my time towards that! :slight_smile:

OHH MY GOD… Tenchu remake… Give it to me now!!! So many memories of this game.

On Topic: Neur0t1c , what would the main focus of this title be? I would like to see the roadmap to get a general idea of your progression, I’m really excited and would love to follow it!

What is everyone’s favorite Crash Bandicoot title? Personally I would have to say my favorite would be Wrath of Cortex, or even tag-team racing! Those were INCREDIBLY fun to play with family and friends.


Sweet! Another Tenchu super fan! :smiley:

Tenchu is going to be my first major passion project. Why do you think my name is Rikimaru?(Aside from Dota, anyway). Crash Bandicoot and Tenchu were the first games I ever played as a kid, my first real gaming experiences alongside my brothers and father. Fond memories, I tell you!

Fromsoftware owns the rights to the franchise, last time I checked. The last Tenchu game I played was Tenchu Z, hell I even tried to look into some areas to see if I could at least try to get some kind of rights to make one for sale. If it’s a fan-remake though It’ll be completely free (obviously). However worst case scenario I just take a lot of inspiration from them all and combine it into a single project.

Final note: I just realized both of these games have a “Wrath of ___” installment. might be worth looking into! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m going to be remaking the first game, and then doing the second, and third. :slight_smile: I should go and do a roadmap, but that can come once I’ve got the barebones stuff required for gameplay. Which is pretty close now. I’ll be releasing the first level as a demonstration once I’ve polished it a bit.

I’ve never played a completed fan remake of a game-can anyone recommend one?

Watch this thread :wink:

There are a few out there, take a look, my personal favorite would be AM2R.

When will it be possible to be testet or played?