Crash Bandicoot Returns need a new team !

Hi everybody !

Some of you maybe know the Crash Bandicoot Returns project. Back then we used the CryEngine but times have changed.
Facing numerous problems, I decided to turn towards the Unreal Engine and that is why I now seeking a new team motivated, passionate and loving Crash Bandicoot series to revive it!

For those who ask the question: No I do not have the license of the game This is only a fan game… There will be no profit on this project or any sales. The game (if created and completed), will be available in digital format on the PC and can be downloaded from some download platforms including ModDB and the official website of the game.

I research different people for different positions:


  • 3D modelers
  • Animators
  • Storyboarders
  • Texturers
  • C++ Programmers


Former animator in a studio, self-taught, or a student in graphic design school, whatever your profile, thank you to provide a website, a book or a video that shows how your current skills. A good knowledge of the universe of Crash Bandicoot is preferred but not required.
The work will be done remotely or locally if you’re French and located in the Rhône-Alpes region. We mainly work with Skype for communication and Hubic (or Dropbox) for file transfers.

If you have questions, feel free to contact me via this address:

For more informations and videos on the project, the address of the official website:

Further informations, videos and images on ModDB:

No one is interested?

Profit is not a factor when it comes to using the branding of the game.

If I were you I’d ask rights holder to give you a written permission to develop such nonprofit game. After that maybe some people will join you.

Yep, there have been tons of fan projects that got shut down for creating non-profit projects based on other people’s IP. Where did the misconception com from that anyone can just steal someone’s IP as long as they are not making money off of it? This is nowhere near Fair Use and usually you can’t even claim that and be safe when doing a parody. So much work and talent get wasted on gambling with this kind of things that could have been put into making something original instead.

Well … it seems that everyone seems very negative to the idea of working on this project. Too bad, I would work alone if necessary. I’m not afraid of Activision reaction if the game came out on PC for free. At worst, it will make them advertise for their “adaptation” in Skylanders.

Anyway, I asked 5 years ago the agreement of the original creators of the series (Jason Rubin and Andy Gavin) and they gave me gladly. Personally that’s enough as authorization.

They don’t own the rights to what they created, Activision does.