Crash - attaching to event audio finished

I have an blueprint that basically mimic everything an explosion should do. Particles, force push, damage, light, and sound. My problem is that these explosion are triggered dynamically by another blueprint, which are triggered by another blueprint that can be placed in the level.

The crux of it is that many of these explosions can be going off at the same time. I’m attaching an event to the audio so that the blueprint will wait till the explosion sound effect is finished, then destroy itself. That causes a crash. 100% of the time.

I’m attaching the blueprint actor as well as the particle effect. You can replicate by spawning a bunch of text

Thanks for the report and repro case. I was able to reproduce the crash and track down the cause.

If you want to fix it in your own code immediately in AudioComponent.cpp in UAudioComponent::PlaybackCompleted you need to move the bIsActive = false; line to the top of the function before the code that dispatches the OnAudioFinished callbacks.

Sweet. Thanks!

This crash still happens in 4.1. I can work around. Could you tell me what version I can expect it fixed in? Just trying to stick to blueprint for right now.

Yes, it was still broken in 4.1. The fix will be present in 4.2. Apologies for the inconvenience.