Crash Attaching component to skeletalmesh


I’m sure that the solution is very easy but I can’t find it…

I have a class inherited from ACharacter and I want to attach two sphere components to sockets. I initialize the components in constructor and attach them in PostInitializeComponents function

void AEnemyShooter::PostInitializeComponents()
	if (LeftHandSocket != NAME_None && GetMesh())
		LeftHandCollisionComp->AttachTo(GetMesh(), LeftHandSocket);

But in the line where the component is going to be attached the game crashes (editor and code either). The error come from USceneComponent class:

void USceneComponent::AttachTo(class USceneComponent* Parent, FName InSocketName, EAttachLocation::Type AttachType /*= EAttachLocation::KeepRelativeOffset */, bool bWeldSimulatedBodies /*= false*/)
	if(Parent != NULL)
		**if (Parent == AttachParent && InSocketName == AttachSocketName && Parent->AttachChildren.Contains(this))**

Any idea what is the mistake??


from a rough first look I guess LeftHandCollisionComp is NULL . Have you initialised LeftHandCollisionComp to a sphere component in the AEnemyShooter class constructor?