Crash at startup

I saved my .umap and think that I may have closed the editor before it was fully done as now unreal engine crashes when trying to load the project. Ive tried changing the map it loads on startup; this results in the editor reporting a crash but opening anyway but unable to discover assets. Im guessing this is because its trying to read the corrupted map and getting stuck; I tried to make a backup of the map so that I could remove it from the project directory and see what happens but i am unable to see the most recent iteration through explorer unless it is launched through the UE4 environment, however when i try and copy the file from there it comes out as the older version.

So overall I have two questions:

  1. How easy will it be to recover the blueprints and other assets that were in the project; can i just delete the map and make a new one but keep the old assets?

  2. Why cant i interact with recent saves through explorer? The files in the project directory seem to be from the very first time i saved it.

I have attached 2 logs; one (CodenameDark.log) details an attempt to start with the potentially corrupted map, the other (log.txt) is an attempt using a different map.

Accidentally double posted cause the return page said there was an error during the first attempt; feel free to remove/close this one.

This was a double post; question has been resolved here: