Crash at startup project I have been working on for days (FIXED)

Hi all,
I had a unexpected crash when working on a blueprint. ( 5 EA2)
This is from the crash report:
Assertion failed: false
[Line: 2007] FName’s 1023 max length exceeded.
Got 3683 characters excluding null-terminator: Begin Object Class=/Script/BlueprintGraph.K2Node_CallFunction

NodePosX=816 NodePosY=-64 NodeGuid=464BB48E4805F66F077D83845A3BEC0D
CustomProperties Pin
CustomProperties Pin

It seems to me that I have to remove a certain node (MaterialInstanceDynamic-node to be precise) in order to get it working again?

But how do I do that?
Is it this one:
It looks like it is too long on one line?
[Line: 2007] FName’s 1023 max length exceeded.
Got 3683 characters…
So can I go in an delete a bunch of data from that line?
How can a Project write data into a Engine source file? I thought all data was kept in the project-folder?

Or I could enable long filename support in my project… But how can I enable it when the project crashes? Any other file to edit?

I hope someone can help me out :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance.

I fixed it…
I don’t think it can help anyone else, but I will leave it here just in case.
The problem was indeed a bad node ( the Material instance dynamic). I just deleted the whole Blueprint with the node in. Still a bit of work on setting the Blueprint back up, but it beats setting up the whole scene again.
I am going to make a backup every couple of days from now on.