Crash at Compile

The Unreal Editor crashed when I was porting C# code to C++. I’m trying to convert my previous Unity project into a Unreal project. I copied and pasted some C# code and changed the syntax as needed. Every once in a while I would recompile to see what I had left. When I fixed all of the issues I compiled and the editor crashed. Every time I try to open my project the editor crashed but if I try to open the Battery Collector project (tutorial I found on Unreal’s site) the editor opens.

Any suggestions?

Edit: I have tried deleting DerivedDataCache
The Crash Reporter says it’s in this directory:
C:\Users.…\Documents\Unreal Projects\FirstProject\Saved\Logs\UE4CC-Windows-84487F7740271083ADB560B5FBB8F050_0000

The problem I was having was I had an array in which I initialized all its elements to NULL but later I changed the array to a vector, thus when I tried setting its elements to NULL it would crash.

I figured this out by building my project through Visual Studio!

The only thing that doesn’t make sense to me is why it’s crashing at Compile Time instead of Run Time.

Hey LajosPolya-

The reason it was crashing at compile time is that the compile process was likely trying to update the CDO where you were using the array. When it tried to the default values of your vector array it couldn’t and caused the crash. I’m glad to hear you were able to find and solve the problem. Best of luck in your project.