Crash after upgrading 4.7.5 -> 4.8


After upgrading, my game is crash when it is loading on both iOS and windows standalone version.
It works well on Editor and PIE.

I saw async loading feature is included in 4.8 and it might be cause of this(I’m looking into it now.) I use gameInstance as singletone and it loads DataTable in its constructor by ConstructorHelpers::FObjectFinder(…).

I attached call stack. Please give me any idea

!FAsyncIOSystemBase::QueueDestroyHandleRequest(class FString const &)	C++
!LoadPackageInternal(class UPackage *,wchar_t const *,unsigned int,class FLinkerLoad *)	C++
!ResolveName(class UObject * &,class FString &,bool,bool)	C++
!StaticLoadObjectInternal(class UClass *,class UObject *,wchar_t const *,wchar_t const *,unsigned int,class UPackageMap *,bool)	C++
!StaticLoadObject(class UClass *,class UObject *,wchar_t const *,wchar_t const *,unsigned int,class UPackageMap *,bool)	C++
!UGameEngine::Init(class IEngineLoop *)	C++
!FEngineLoop::Init(void)	C++

Hi cordis1203,

Can you add the entire crash log to this thread as a txt file? And it is the editor that crashes, not the project on device?

Where can I find log file of standalone version?
And i’m working on remove my game instance frome my project. I use cpp version gameinstance for other cpp actors and blueprint vesion inherited from cpp, is also used for other blueprints
For now that is my guess and working on it to fix. Sorry for my short english.

If it crashes in editor, logs should be in the same place. Try looking here:


What i have to do?

Hi cordis1203 and adriansealelli,

First thing, let’s make sure nothing got corrupted in the conversion from one version to the next.

In the Engine folder, delete the DDC
(Derived Data Cache). In your project,
delete the Intermediate, the Saved,
and the Binary folders.

When you next try to package it will take considerably longer as the shaders will need to newly compile, but this should get rid of any old or corrupted files that haven’t gotten deleted.

If that does not help, please attach crash logs to this thread as a txt file.


Hi all,

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Thank you.