Crash after selecting a "Two Bone IK" node in Animation Blueprint

editor freezes when clicking two bone IK nodes in 4.7.1 on anim blueprints, have to use windows 8.1 task manager to end task

still in 4.7.2

Hey dimpolz,

Good timing! I was just entering the bug for this as UE-11369 (bug number here for tracking purposes only). I also reproduced it in 4.7.2. Thank you for reporting this!

EDIT: Just to add, I let it sit after it froze and it ended up crashing out and giving me a callstack.

thanks for updating, i never let it crash though. even if i saw the stack… probably won’t be able to debug myself… the source is quite daunting… maybe you guys could have a source walkthrough/debugging quick start guide.

Can you enter a request for a source debugging guide? We generally prefer to separate requests like that and one of our C++ guys would be better suited to helping there.