Crash after adding variable to component that was referenced

Editor crashes, when I add an variable, function or custom event to component, that is used by some actor and has reference to it.

To reproduce:

  1. Create Actor Component
  2. Create Actor Blueprint and add this component there.
  3. Call something from this component using its reference (like Set variable or call function from this component).
  4. Then add in component a variable, new function or custom event (anything, that can be called outside this component) and compile component.

Important note! 4.8 Does have the same issue, but there it cause simple errors or wires disconnecting from component reference.

Video: 4.8 and 4.9 Component bug - YouTube

By the way… I submitted to marketplace a system, that works fully on component. It was written on 4.8, so there is also such problem. When you add variables or functions in component and compile it, all of the references like “Actor Reference > Get MyCompoent” in project will be disconnected.

Thank you! Hope it will be fixed, because components are the good way to add functionality to actors. But if I have like 50 classes, that have reference to it, it’s very annoying to connect them manually after adding something to component.

Hi AlFlakky,

I was able to reproduce this on my end and have entered a bug report, UE-19526, to be assessed by the development staff.

This bug is still not fixed. How am I supposed to add functionality if I can’t even derieve from CameraComponent?

Hi RazzorFlame,

I cannot reproduce this on my end as of 4.10.

  • What steps are you taking to reproduce this?
  • What version of the editor are you using?
  • Are you using a custom blueprint component with a camera or are you simply using a camera component? If you are using just a camera component this may be a different crash and will need a new answerhub post detailing what exactly is occurring.