[Crash] 4.10.4 InfiltratorDemo

I can reproduce the following:

  1. Installed fresh 4.10.4. No prior engine on this OS. So tutorial mode was active.

  2. Loaded InfiltratorDemo. No changes, just the one supplied in Learn library.

  3. Opened a random asset in its own window.

  4. The student-cap icon (tutorial / help?) was flashing to provide me with some help. I clicked it.

  5. Crashed. 2 times out of 2 on different assets so I assume the actual asset it not important.


  • Could you please provide your Machine ID from the crash reporter window and ensure that you hit send on the report?

Here you go:
Hit Send and Close just now.

After this, the Tutorial icon is no longer blinking in Asset Browser and clicking it no longer reproduces the crash :expressionless:

You are no longer able to reproduce the crash? Also, would you be able to test the same repro in 4.11? It is possible that the crash you are experiencing was fixed for 4.11.

Is there any way to reset the tutorial mode back to when engine was first installed without a full reinstall?
I don’t see the flashing tutorial ‘student cap’ anymore in the asset viewer. So this means the state of the editor (and tutorial mode) has changed - and clicking on non-blinking cap does not crash. But it did every time back when it was blinking (even on successive restarts).

I’ve attempted to reproduce this crash on my end, but I haven’t seen the same results. If you are currently unable to reproduce the issue, I will mark this topic as resolved. If you notice the crash reappear, and can nail down a solid repro for this issue, please feel free to come back and reply to this thread, and we can continue to investigate it.

Have a great day