Crane Lifting rig in UE 5 (coming from unity with afew Blueprint Q's)

Hi All I’m moving over from Unity ATM and I have a few questions on creating a crane rig.

I’m using the Physics Constraint Actor ( Crane end is the Base actor 1 and Weight is actor 2 )
and I got it to work ok, in a simple box test ? but when I scale it up to a real crane model with a Hierarchy ( base → Arm1 → Arm2 → Crane Tip → Crane end → Weight )

but the Crane end is not following the Position of the Crane Tip in the physic simulation? I think its Hierarchy related ? as I do have a few levels of Hierarchy actors and Static mesh actors in the FBX model imported.

I’ve checked a few things but not sure I’m thinking about this correctly in Unreal blueprints.

how do I Get the position of the Crane Tip and Set the position of the Crane end in blueprints to avoid any Hierarchy issues ?

The Get level transform seems to get the local position relative to the parent not the world position from the child (Crane Tip) that is deep in my Hierarchy.

not sure what Transform Location does or how to use it ?

is the Hierarchy the problem ?

how do you move the Top of a Physics Constraint Actor at run time safely while affecting the Child actor ?

or is there another method to create this type of rig in unreal 5?