CraftMesh Teaser

Hi all, finally I’ve completed this small project of mine. Please comment :slight_smile:

Will this be coming to the Marketplace any time soon?

Already submitted to marketplace :slight_smile: more to come stay tune.

ArchViz Essential Series 1 is officially on UE4 Marketplace now!! Link Here

I will upload the demo video for this series by this week and the following #series 2 with more advance master material =)

Support market place makes UE4 better Engine for community!


Looks great! I hope you do more. My 2 cents, generic looking classic furniture would be great. These pieces have a certain style, I think you will do better with a more generic look to the pieces.

very good model and shaders!

coming soon!!

More modern furniture would be awesome as well

Very cool. I like the materials and the lighting in those shots!

To understand more about Archviz Essential Series #1 !!! here the rough techdemo preview v.1 :slight_smile:

This is Great Work :slight_smile: Congrats…

Yes, purchased the other day and really impressed with the quality and realism. Bravo! The shader is… intense. The techdemo video, doubly so.

When is volume 2 coming?

When is Volume 2 coming???