crafting system set up

Does anyone know how to set up or make a crafting system? Like I have 2 logs and can craft a plank. Something like that? Or how would I break it down? Any tutorials, pictures or help, post here.

There have been quite a few threads on crafting but ultimately it really depends how you want your crafting system to work. Do you want one that is minecraft like or something like WoW where you have a recipe list or even something else. I would figure out what you want first then try to see if by breaking it down into different pieces you can figure it out, if not just explain what you’re attempting to do and ask for help.

That’s quite a big question, it’s something that could be as simple or as complicated as you wanted.

Like hakabane said, it’s all dependent on how your crafting system is going to work but at the end of the day you’ll need an inventory system of some sort so your crafting system can speak to it and see how many materials you have etc.