Crafting/Recipe and Ingredient Components

Hello, I have been working on a Crafting / Recipe and Ingredient component and setup. I am wondering if this very specific work would be of interest for anyone to purchase on the Marketplace. What I have now is

  • Data Assets for defining Recipes and Ingredients
  • Fully network capable Component that manages Recipe Creation and Ingredient storage, with validation
  • Core base defined for what happens when a recipe is created (Makes more ingredients, or spawns an actor in the world are defaults that were added)
  • Fully replicated for the Owner.
  • Automation Tests to validate adding and removing Ingredients as well as creating Recipes.
  • Customization in Blueprints or C++
  • Built as a Plugin

Some nice to haves that I might work on are

  • UMG Default Widget
  • Slate Default Widget

And work that I am continuing on right now is a derived class for AI where it can determine what Recipes to create (Craft) based on its current supply of Ingredients (Materials).