Crafting Mechanics: A Case Study with a Plugin!

Hey everyone!

I’m doing a case study on crafting mechanics in all types of video games, from survival to fps’s and I need help gathering data. And what better way then to talk about your likes and dislikes about crafting mechanics in video games!

My goal here is to compile comprehensive data about peoples preferences and ideas about crafting mechanics in video games and what works and what does not. This data will then be used in a paper I’ll be writing up and released alongside a UE4 plugin that will contain various types of crafting styles in video games for anyone to use in the Unreal Engine and their games. I just need some help gathering data and I was hoping if you had just a few minutes to spare, if you could go to the below link and answer some questions for me?

Your time and answers would help me greatly in my endeavors!

If you know anyone else who might be willing to take it, please share this with them! The more data that is contributed, the better the research and plugin will be!

For those who are interested in more in my endeavors here, I’m beginning to do small case studies on many aspects of game mechanics, which ideally take an entire month, two at most to do from start to finish. This is a hollistic approach into developing a modular plugin that will demonstrate my findings of the case study and contain several examples of what the paper will speak on. Each plugin would be done primarily in C++ then extended with Blueprints. The plugin then would be released to the community. It’s my attempt to further my development skills and knowledge in building game mechanics. Because my research relies on community feedback, everything I will produce and release will be completely free to the community as a whole!

I just wanted to thank everyone who has responded to the survey. I appreciate all the time and effort you put into answering the questions and providing me with valuable insight!

I’m still looking for more participants in my study, if you or your friends are willing to spend just a few minutes answering a quick survey, it will help me greatly!