Crafting Inventory Issues

This has caused me grief before and is doing it again.

Why in the world do the devs edit default engrams only in the inventories attached to structures, which are effectively hidden child inventory classes? There is only one structure that uses each parent inventory BP, so why not just edit the easily visible and accessible parent inventory class? Also, this isn’t even consistent, only being true for some structures.

Forgetting to check for this strange design decision can even lead to random and entirely idiotic crashes that can only be fixed by verification, as you can’t even undo whatever is causing the conflict (although it shouldn’t conflict in the first place).

Devs, please pay more attention to how you are making edits! Because it makes a lot of difference for modders.

Okay, so apparently I can’t fix this issue, period.
The DevKit doesn’t constantly crash when applying changes, however, upon attempting to cook the mod or if re-starting the DevKit it produces this error:

“Assertion failed: !Obj->HasAnyFlags(RF_NeedLoad|RF_NeedPostLoad|RF_ClassDefaultObject) [File:D:\UE4\UnrealEngine\Engine\Source\Runtime\CoreUObject\Private\UObject\UObjectGlobals.cpp] [Line: 1775]”
“Attempting to replace an object that hasn’t been fully loaded: PrimalInventoryBP_Fabricator_C /Game/PrimalEarth/Structures/StorageBox_Fabricator.StorageBox_Fabricator_C:PrimalInventoryBP_Fabricator_C_2”
And a lot of dll errors. It also doesn’t start if this error happens upon launching, so, fun times.

Another thing is, I do NOT have a local disk D:. I have C:, F: and G:. So, what the actual f***?

the only way modded inventory works is by dupe it directly from the components