[Crach] Open a Level from internet Pak File at Run-time

I need implement a Feature:

  1. .PAK File Download from server at Run-time.
  2. Mount PAK File to content At Run-time.
  3. Open a Level from PAK File contain content At Run-time.

I encountered The Problem like : link text

My Program downloaded and Mounted Pak File Is complete. Level happen exception when open Level. Like

a lot of Mesh have error.

But restart the My program after Download .PAK File. once again Open Level is no problem.

I Package Pak File Ways is follow :

Add mod-support to your Unreal Engine 4 Game

Releasing Your Project


I think i miss some Step when mount PAK File.

I do not know how solve it ,Who can help me?

my mount PAK File code :

if(/** Download Pak File Write Disk is Successful */)
	IPlatformFile& InnerPlatformFile = FPlatformFileManager::Get().GetPlatformFile();
	FPakPlatformFile* PakPlatformFile = new FPakPlatformFile();
	PakPlatformFile->Initialize(&InnerPlatformFile, TEXT(""));
    PakPlatformFile->Mount( *temp_filePath, 0,TEXT(""));

	TSet<FString> FileList;
	FPakFile pakFile(*temp_filePath, false);

	pakFile.FindFilesAtPath(FileList, *pakFile.GetMountPoint(), true, false, true);

	for (auto item : FileList)
		if (item.EndsWith(FPackageName::GetAssetPackageExtension()) ||
		    UE_LOG(LogTemp, Log, TEXT("Test = %s"), *item);
			UE_LOG(LogTemp, Log, TEXT("PakFile Asset Failed : %s"), *item);

did you implement download pak from server?