CPU upgrade: G4400 to G4560. Is it worth it?

Should I upgrade my 3.3GHz Pentium G4400, which has 2 cores / 2 threads to 3.5Ghz Pentium G4560, with 2 cores / 4 threads?
I am an environment artist, so I need to do a lot of bakes and builds of shaders etc.
Also I have a very tight budget :slight_smile:

Thanks for the answer!
I have h110m motherboard which works only with Skylake / Kaby Lake CPUs, so my options are limited to 6*** and 7*** processors

Ah, I see. That makes it even tougher to recommend an upgrade, I see your dilemma. So none of the i3s cuts it / makes sense here.

How about a used i5-7600 (the non K)? If you’re super lucky, you might get one for double what a new G4560 goes for so… that’s not a great deal either. :expressionless:

I honestly can no longer tell if it’s worth it. Sorry. The value of those Pentiums is just too good at this price point.

Eh, while it’s hard to beat G4560 on the price as it’s a fantastic value for what it offers, I’d suggest you didn’t get it and saved up for a couple of weeks / months for i3-8100 or 8350k (if budget allows) - it’s 4 cores at 4GHz (8350k) base clock and overclocks like a demon.

That’d be a logical step up that’s worthy of the hassle in my opinion, and something that’s at least vaguely future-proof (not really but quad core is the minimum standard now).

Not sure how adding just 2 extra threads improves your quality of life; admittedly, I do not build that much lighting.

Ok, now I’m considering between i3-8100 system and Ryzen 3 2200g. I have 2133 DDR4 2x8GB ram, and I’ve heard that Ryzen needs faster memory… BUT MAN IT’S CHEAP :smiley:

And while Ryzen performance is not stellar in games, it does well in production environment.

I don’t think the memory will be a bottleneck for a system like that, although bandwidth became relevant again in the last years, true. I’d say spending more on RAM makes little sense in this case, especially that you have it already.

Since you’re an evironmentalist, you must be dealing with assets quite a bit, SSD is a worthy QoL improvement!

Do tell once you made a decision.