CPU Question

Hi there

I want to buy a new CPU and want to ask, if the AMD FX-6300 is good enogh for UE4. Actually i work with an Dual Core and the Material Editor takes … long :smiley:
Hope you guys can help me out. I can´t spend more money right now.

Howdy Inmatic,

Here is link to the Hardware specs that we recommend for use to ensure proper UE4 usage:

Hope this helps and have a great day!

Hi Sean

Thanks for the Link, i looked there allready.
I was asking about the CPU because the FX-6300 is not a real 6core, so i am not sure if this one works out.

Just looked up the benchmark for that CPU:

The recommend Hardware link is showing that if an AMD CPU’s clockspeed is 2.5 GHz faster, your setup is powerful enough to start developing. The AMD FX-6300’s clockspeed is at 3.5GHz. So the CPU would be more then enough.

The editor places on heavier load for rendering on the GPU more then the CPU. What GPU are you running? That could also cause an issue with the material editor taking long.

Thanks again Sean

Ok i get it with the CPU :wink:

The GPU ist an GeForce 450GTS.