CPU problem. :\

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In my Country we don’t have I7-4930K, but they do have Xeon.
So which Xeon is comparable with I7-4930K?

Reading this thread: What pc/workstation spec has been used in developing UE4? - UE4 AnswerHub
Epic uses Intel Xeon X5660, which is cheaper but is it worth it? or a better CPU that cost below $650?

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An Intel Xeon E5 1660 would be fairly comparable, but would probably set you back more than twice the amount the i7 would cost. Can’t you order from somewhere else? I just got two Hexacore Xeons (for my server) delivered to Sweden from the US because I found a cheaper store there.

Thanks for the quick reply. :wink:
How is I7-5930K?

Well, better than i7-4930K. Both will run UE pretty much flawlessly, with other heavy softwares running at the same time. Compile times will be very fast with both.

Thanks for the help mate. :slight_smile:

I7-5930K needs x99 motherboard which requires DDR4 memory…
DDR4 have CAS above 13 and is **** expensive. << not worth it :frowning:

I’m thinking to get i7-4790k, is it any good? << 4 cores :frowning:

PS: i’m getting 32GB ram.
EDIT: how is D-A-M-N even bad language?:rolleyes:

Yes I have a 4790K and I’m really happy with it.

thanks for the feedback mate.