CPU particles suddenly stopped to appear in rendered movie or in play mode, but are visible in editor

Weird thing happen in my project. Im using P_blizzard particle emitter from Particle effects level in it. I made only one change to it which was color of the particles. Everything was working fine for about a month, and one day, when i rendered a movie in sequencer the particles were invisible. At the time i didn’t care about it because there was a lot to work on and in next renders the particles were back.
But the next day they disappeard again and didn’t come back. They are perfectly visible in editor but disappear in movies rendered in sequencer or when i simulate or play the level. The emitter has CPU and GPU particles in it and only the CPU particles are gone.

It is not the bounds, not LODs, i rebuilded everything couple times, i imported the emitter again, disabled post processing, it is set to VISIBLE and ACTOR HIDDEN IN GAME is not ticked. Nothing works! It is driving me crazy.

AFAIR right before they disappeard i was not doing anything with particles or level, i was importing meshes and creating materials. Maybe there is some weird keyboard shortcut that i hit by accident… i don’t know.

Any ideas?



View in editor:


And when i hit simulate


Ekhm…well…it was the LODs… i had to delete LOD 1 and 2 and the particles are back now.