CPU/GPU recommendation for development.

Hi all,

I have a company where we teach people (both kids & adults) how to make 3D models, animations and develop games, using unreal engine 4.
We’re purchasing about 10 new PCs and for this reason budget is very important. For example if the difference between 2 components is £10, we’re not talking about £10, it would be £100 difference.

So for this reason,

We’ve narrowed our selection (as far as CPU/GPU goes) into the following

Option 1:
CPU: Pentium G4600
GPU: GT1030

Option 2:

Both options are within the £120 mark.
Which one do you think performs better?
Based on benchmarks I’ve seen, it seems like the G2400 tends to perform slightly better in gaming. I’m just thinking how it would be when it comes to development?

I’m also open for idea to alternatives to the above systems.

Thanks a lot!

Neither of those are going to be powerful enough for the editor to be usable. You really want a much better cpu, and a GTX 1060 - or better.