cpu/gpu question.

Don’t know if this is right place to ask this but well… I started few topics in last few days. I find working in game engines surprisingly relaxing. I’m not a programer and i just like making plain enviroment.
While i guess i7 4930 or better would do wonders, my budget is very limited at this point so would like to know does parts i plan to buy can handle eu4 decently. If you think any other part would do better (in same price range) please post.

Curently i have motherboard that suport amd proc up to a10 and my budget to work around is 300-350€ max. If i’m to change to intel and lets say mbo cost 75€ my budget for cpu and gpu become 225-275€ max. Cheaper the better

Curently have:
A4 5300
Ati radeon hd 5570
6gb ram

Plan to upgrade to:
Amd a8 7650K
Ati radeon R7 260x (more likely) / R9 270x

Every help is welcome

You should get 8gig of memory. I use an FX 4100 quad core. It runs it perfectly. So I would suggest getting a quad core. (You may not need a new motherboard?) If you’re Going for and AMD… The 270x is the one you should get. (Look at nvidia’s though… They run UE4 better.)