CPU for game development?

Hello folks, I’ve started working on a game for a while, and I intend to complete it. Due to freelancing work, I may be obligated to change my motherboard(currently AMD).
I don’t know if I should stick to AMD or Intel. I looked at various CPUs, from cheaper, all the way to Intel Haswell E.

What would be your recommendation for a decent CPU, game dev wise, that wouldn’t also be overkill.

Right now I have a gtx 760 & 8 gb ram. Ill upgrade to 16 gb RAM after the change, and I’ll possibly upgrade the GPU later, but now, the CPU is the main issue.

that depend of your budget.

Intel i7-4790K 4.0Ghz its nice option.

Well I want to make an investment, but I wouldn’t want to pick an overkill option either.

If I were to go for a higher option like that 4790K, should I just jump to the Haswell-E, Core i7 ? (or would this be the overkill i ve been talking about)

Honestly, you can’t overkill, a faster CPU makes building lighting faster along with other stuff. So make a budget for how much you want to spend and get the fastest processor at that cost. Haswell-E is getting replaced pretty soon with Broadwell-E so if you want to go that route then you should wait a bit. The 4790 is a very good processor and there won’t be anything to replace it until the latter half of this year.

Whilst there are better processors than the i7-4790, it still represents the best bang-for-buck. If you’re buying a new processor now, this is the one I would choose.

like other says isn’t overkill, and greatest part of waiting time while you are developing its based in the CPU performance not the GPU, that mean every €/$ spent on the CPU will be worth.
And 4790 its the best you can buy for that range of money. If you want something more cheap just say how many you want spend.

I buy two years ago a intel i5-4570 (250€ i think). If i buy now like ambershee, i choose that clearly. Price its 300€ here.

I waiting to see what am4 has in store for the future

I assume you mean AMD. Unfortunately, AMD has been lagging behind Intel now for quite some time and the performance difference between the top ends of both brands is pretty clear. AMD compete with Intel’s mid and lower tier CPUs on price / performance, but they simply don’t have a processor that competes with Intel’s top end.

Thats fine by me, Top cpu’s here are really expensive and besides amd works well for me and is within my price range. An intel i7 is like $650 here in the caribbean :frowning: