Coworker unable to see painted layers(World Composition)

I’m working on a project with my friend using WC and also we have 1 level with 16 different height maps( each is gonna work on 8 HM)
Problem is that when I save my level and upload some files to the server, we can see meshes that the other one placed and many things but the landscape layers appear black like if I painted nothing when he checks my levels(and viceversa).
Which file is the one that controls the info related to which layer he painted on and all of that?
Cause we can see the foliage that the other one added and meshes we know which files we have to use for that but in regards to landscape we have no clue, I already uploaded a bunch of files and problem is still the same.
We are also using the same landscape materials,bp is on the same location and everything, we copy/pasted the project .