COVID Anxiety

This situation is continually worsening. What are you most anxious about and does it stress you out more?

None of it. Just get vaccinated, only .3% of deaths are those who are vaccinated or something like that. I just wear a mask (I’m not vaccinated because I’ve already had it earlier in the year but I might get it in a couple of months)

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You should watch less CNN, MSNBC and other propaganda outlets.


My mother got covid and she almost died.
Get vaccinated!

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I try to avoid this type of discussion, but be careful spreading that kind of info without sources.

You have any stats on that because that’s not what I’m seeing in the data. Turn off CNN, NBC, etc…

Check the VAERS site and keep in mind that Harvard did a study that found that only 1% of adverse reactions are recorded.

The vaccine is an IQ test… I sincerely hope you pass and are completely healthy in 3 years and don’t come down with clotting disorders, myocarditis, etc.

Best of luck.

meh I don’t think that’s gonna happen to many people. its still new and wasn’t tested amazingly, but its not a lethal thing. I have a lung inflammation problem so its probably smarter for me to get it in the future (even though I was okish when I got covid the first and second time)

Can I have that study source? Google not helping here, apparently.

It’s only 7 pages long (actually 5).

Read it and make your own conclusions, since apparently there are a few.

I have read that a large percentage of individuals have increased mental health issues about this situation. Hopefully it doesn’t affect you all as much.

@StephanieHarmon has posted nothing but encouraging 1-liners for the last 3-4 years! :medal_sports:

No Covid Anxiety will ever bring this one down, for sure.

It’s recommended even for those who had covid to get vaccinated since covid only protects for 3-4 months. Check with your doctor for latest guidelines/

Feels like living in a dystopian Sci-Fi thriller right now:

  1. Global Pandemic - Just like out of the 2011 movie: Contagion - [TICK]…
  2. Global floods / fires (not theoretical climate change anymore)- [TICK]…
  3. Tech Dystopia: Control / commercialization of misinformation - [TICK]…

Interesting times for anyone who is a fan of the Simulation Hypothesis. :grin: But overall, if you consume everything from social media, then Covid must be feeling a lot worse. :stuck_out_tongue: In reality the pandemic is going to last years as rich countries keep hoarding vaccines, so variants are free to roam. This means the pandemic will go on for a decade or even longer.

The only thing you can say about vaccine safety is that there are risks. But the good news is, the same firms responsible for US opioid addiction - paying out huge fines at the moment, are also behind most covid vaccines and they’ve got immunity. So that’s good. :grimacing:

More seriously, its interesting how countries with easy access to vaccines are phasing out AZ / J&J. Its all mRNA or nothing. :wink: But irrespective of that, if people choose to opt out of vaccination, international flights are basically out for good, and so is finding work at many places. So there’s no escape really… Parents are facing the hardest choices right now… :thinking:

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The internet was a mistake


I share most of your thoughts. Social media amplifies this issue even more.

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You sure about that? Vid or it did not happen! ;p

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The internet was a mistake

Why must off-topic be like this? Why can’t we have nice things?

Meh, maybe normal is overrated. Gonna take my coat and never pop here again. Enough internet after that read.

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