covid and gaming

how does gaming help cope with covid?

Why did you post this in the unreal engine forums? This is only meant for unreal engine related questions, not asking for the answer of a school assignment.

Moved to offtopic.

And it does not.

yea it should be off topic thanks! But going back tothe question, how did it help you?

It did not.

I got you, after a few readings I got ahead this one had helped me realize that there is some time and ways to cope.…RoCHRsQAvD_BwE

Hoping that link woud help you too. Check it out.

Have you ever tried checking it?

Honestly i do not have extra stress due to covid. So gaming did not help me at all, because there was nothing to help with.
Only thing i miss is having some drinks with friends now and then, but my liver says “thank you”. And we still meet just at homes not in pubs, so no big deal.
I feel much better because of covid, working from home is much less stress than going to office. And yes moron who thought open space office is good idea should be killed.

Wow, I’m glad that someone is having a positive experience. Good for you!

Interesting which country came up with the whole idea.:mad:
Feel urgent need to go watch a film like ‘Office Space’. :stuck_out_tongue:
Or ‘Fight Club’ or something, even the first ‘Matrix’ film…:wink:

The first Matrix was a pretty cool film, I think it aged well even with all the visual effects.

As for gaming and Covid, it surely helped people get entertained while being stuck at home (lockdowns). Hopefully soon we can go back to our normal social lives.

Without gaming in this situation; it would have been really tough. I just played all kind of games and in maximum hours in these times.