Covert mouse location to world space

I’m trying to get the mouse location in a third-person cam.

When i try to get the location if the mouse is in font of the player it comes sort of the location.

well the world location from that node should give you what you want.
but there’s some additional stuff happening there and it would help if you could explain why are you multiplying world direction with length of camera arm

to get the location on the mouse I need to multiply it or else it won’t get to the proper location because im using a spring arm for the third person cam

This is what it dos it close but not there its worse at height angle

Your camera is at an angle and you’re using the length of the springarm to multiply the directional vector - that will not play well, you’re running out of vector.

You have options:

  • line trace:

You need need a long enough vector to reach the floor visible at the very top end of the screen. And the springarm is nowhere nearly long enough for that - it only reaches your character. Using a fixed distance is fine for this.

  • get hit under cursor:

  • there’s also Line Plane Intersection but it seems that you do want to hit the ground here, so it may not be the best option/
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Thank you so much it worked. :smiley:

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