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I used a cover system codes in order to add cover system in my game, in addition I wanted to extend from utgame to maintain some of it’s properties in the game in addition to the cover system,
however, when I inherit from utgame many problems happens, for ex, when i extend the the player controller from utplayer controller the camera is separated and stayes away from the carrier and not following him.

so when i extend the rest of the codes from the utgame and leave the player controller without extending from the utplayer controller everything goes fine I play in editor as expected and the cover system is applicable, but as soon as i play on pc it becomes completely different from play in editor and it seems to be similar to using the utgame.

here are the codes.

I want to extend from utgame to maintain it’s properties and keep the cover system in the game can any one tell me how can it be done ?

thank you.

Hello dude.

Yeah, this maybe just that UDK is not recognizing your custom gametype. You need to ensure that on your map, you go to UDK Menu View > World Info Properties Gametypes.

You need to select your custom gametype (with cover system, I think you are using PowerGame) on the supported gametypes for all fields (including PlayinEditor). Don’t forget to set yourgame type in the ini files, aswell the map prefix

However whenever you start UDKGame (not the editor), if you are extending UTGameTypes, it will always default to deathmatch (DM), so because this you can either change the ini files to make it load your gametype by default instead of UTGame, or you can manualy whenever start your game, change the game type on the menu, then select your map, and play the game.

It should work.

Take a look at this basic tutorial, however helps too much especially if you are extending UTGame:

It may seem simple, however helps a lot to understand how to setup your gametype whenever extending UTGame.

Cheers. :slight_smile:

i already did these steps, I have selected the new game type ion the world properties and added it in the game .ini files, however the problem remained.

this is why i added the codes , because if there is any problem you can figure it out or try it.

IN addittion I have been trying to add only the cover system in the game type I shared in the UTgame type.

Please I want to figure it out I know I have been asking too much, It is just due to my lack knowledge in the scripting matter

Hello dude :smiley:

I am on the same ship as you :D:D:D:D I am a beginner in UnrealScripting, I don’t know why I am answering here :D:D:D:D:D

However I remember having used this cover system (DynamicCoverSystem) sometime ago, and had this problem, however, doing this manually selecting the gametype solved my problem.

I have seen you know is using one old script pack called ThirdPersonShooter, and this one I was never able to get it working with me:

 * TPSGameInfo
 * The GameInfo class. Determines the game set up
 * Author: Richard "Neoptolemus" Greenlees
 * *****************************************************************************/

So why you dont try this other one I am attaching here, is awesome, works like a charm, like I described to you. (20.4 KB)

ok I will give it a try, thank you for your help I appreciate that a lot.

I don’t know what kind of game you are developing, but if you want a cover system for a thirdperson shooter, this one ([]( (20.4 KB)&d=1506093673)) is the best and most complete coversystem for UDK. I am creating a third person shooter about the war in palestine (

I was going to use this coversystem, however, as I want too much action for my game, with bullets flying arround (:D:D:D:), so I dropped the idea of using the cover system, because whenever I was thinking on some gameplay and design ideas, I have searched many youtube videos explaining about the cover system, and indeed, it is good, however does not fit with the idea I want for my game of running and shooting without stop, non stop action, so now I am thinking on other gameplay idea, like a kind of dodge roll movement like in Hotline Miami 2, o which the player presses a button (like shift), then the character will roll forward, however, in the moment the player is doing this roll, he becomes invincible to bullets.

I think for my game it fits better.

great I wish you the best I’m creating a game and here is the link for the studio on facebook : Dark Space studios - Home | Facebook

[USER=“238697”]dark space[/USER]

Got another site / link, that’s not Facebook?.. :stuck_out_tongue:

what do you mean, the link is working fine !

[USER=“238697”]dark space[/USER]

Hey bro, you are from egypt :), Ahlan Wa Sahlan, Salam Alaykum Warahmat Allah Wa Barakatu Akhi. I am from Brasil, my parents are immigrants from Palestine. Is cool to see people from middle east here on these forums.

Yes I’m from Egypt, Thank you

I used the cover system you attached, however the same problem remained, which is when I play in Editor the system is working however, when I play on PC UTGame type is the one who is applied however, I have changed the game types in the world properties and the default gametype in the config files

OK bro, however try now, after you begin the game, on the menu you click on “Instant Action”, then you click on “Game Mode”, change from Deathmatch to your custom game mode (i.e PowerGame). Then you click on Map, select your map (however your map will only appear on the list if you added the correct prefix as defined in the ini files, like DM-Yourmapname.udk, then you click on StartGame.

Now you will see the coversystem working perfectly. Like I said, if you extend UTGame this will always happen, and you need to make many changes even on the flash/scaleform menus (remove some menu items, and so on) to be able to completely customize your game.

Think like extending UTGame is like if you were creating a Total Conversion MOD for Unreal Tournament 3 using UDK Engine. If you extend UDKGame instead, you will begin from scratch.

However, for my game, extending UTGame is the perfect solution, so I can have all the game rullings already setup, just change/remove what I need, aswell because my game is a ThirdPerson Shooter. Let’s say if I was making a puzzlegame, platformer, racing game, I would not extend UTGame.

Hope my explanation helps you.

Oh yes! Finally PIE works like Play on PC! I’ve changed the supported gametypes of the map (now I know why you said there were 3 places to set it, geodav) and added this to my GameInfo subclass:

static event class<GameInfo> SetGameType(string MapName, string Options, string Portal)
return Default.Class;

Hello there!

Yeah, now finally I can say I helped someone here on this forum!!!


Thank you for your help