Cover system via blueprints: is it possible?

Hi, everyone

I’m seeking for an easy way to build a cover system (Gears of war, Mafia 2, etc.). I saw a couple of tuts for UDK and sounds like nothing special. But there’s not much info for UE4. Is it possible to create a cover system via blueprints and not getting involved in C++ coding? Or maybe some out-of-the-box solutions?

Unfortunately all threads here haven’t helped me a lot. Guys at the answerhub suggested that i start a thread on forum, so here it is :slight_smile:

In case you have any practial experience in creating cover system whatsoever - your opinion is more than welcome

yes, you can make the 99% of the game mechanics with blueprints.

You have two options:
1 Triggers on the level.
2 Rays.

But is not easy, you need a lot of animations, and some good Know of basic programing.

The base is:
The player press the cover button.
Check if they are inside a cover trigger, or send a short ray to find a wall.
If the result is ok.
Activate the cover animation
Change the position of the camera.

I have no knowledge of rays in blueprints so far, but triggers sound valid. Can you delve into details? As for the animations - it’s covered, i need an actual cover system for now

The only problem with tiggers is the hand work in the level.

The base is:
The player press the cover button.
Check if they are inside a cover trigger.
If the result is ok.
Activate the cover animation, create a variables bool, isCover and set to true.
This bool can activate the starter cover animation in the animBlueprint.

Of course all you inputs keys need check isCover to work on different way.

In the anim graph you can use a Blend Poses by Bool to use normal or cover animations state machines.

That’s a good idea, but we’ll have a problem: there’ll be only 2 states - cover or non cover and we will not be able to do cool stuff like sliding to cover in case a player is not exactly near the wall. So i guess that leaves us with rays

yep, other option is that you can Blend Poses by enum, soo to let the player do sliding, and when he entry in a trigger pass to cover. The good of ray is the time saving workin in the level.