Cover System Tool With 24 Animations Available Now On marketplace

Hello guys,

My new (Cover System Tool) with 24 animations Available now on Unreal marketplace

See the Preview Video on youtube

The main purpose of this tool is to help you draw a cover path to your character easily via spline for any object you want (Vehicle, walls, table .etc) in your own map.

**the tool content circular movement feature that allows you to move around circular objects also contains an error check icon which notifies you when you have an error during the drawing path process.


  • Draw your cover path easily with the spline.
  • Circular movement feature.
  • 13 cover Animations, 11 AimOffset, WalkAnimation and Idle.
  • Error check icon.
  • Change the size of sprites error.
  • Aim at targets while taking cover.
  • Prevent guns from going through walls via (Physical Material).

Tutorial Video

hope you like it,