cover system in udk

hello , i wanted to ask how to make a cover system in udk in the ut class not in an individual class but in the utclass itself so what to edit and what to do . thanks

Hello bro. Yeah, there is only one complete cover system for UDK which trully works.

Here is it:
I am even using it on my game. Its from several years ago, but it is awesome, althought dont expect something like Gears of War, anyway, it works. However, you need to have some basic understanding on unreal scripting to be ale to get it running and setup.

The download link does not exist anymore, however, luckily I have many of these old scripts pack, because I am using UDK from since 2014, before the advent of UE4 :smiley:

I am attaching to this thread here the original dynamic cover system.

Cheers. (20.4 KB)