Cover Art Colorist

I have a cover art illustration that I need colored and I am looking for someone who has very advanced graphic design skills. I would like the finished product to look something like this picture. Please keep in mind before responding that I do not feel comfortable giving up front deposits because I’ve already had someone run off with my money once for this project. I’d be more than happy to work out some other type of payment system. If interested, please contact


Hello! I was unable to send an email to the posted address so I figured I’d place it right here!

I am a part of Voracious Games, an independent game studio from Seattle, USA and I think we can help you with your cover art!

Our concept artist is a super star and she has a lot of experience in the intended style.

You can check out her work here:

Looking forward to potentially being able to help out with your project and let me know if you have any questions! You can email us back [EMAIL=“”]

Generally speaking, this is just how it’s done (part up front, part on completion - or milestones for larger work). Someone doing the work for you is taking more risk by supplying the work and potentially not getting paid, than you are by supplying part of the fee up front.


I’d like to apply to help out - you can take a look at my portfolio here:

Best regards,