Cover Aimset Pro - multiplayer ?

Add this to my project, got it all setup -
Link Here
Problem is, its not replicated at all on multiplayer.
Is there something i need to specifically do to get animations replicated?
The server will be host (obviously) without a player - standalone hosting.

I followed a video on how to add it all, and, it was all based on only using root motion. I dont know if this is the cause or not. In a single player situation (in the editor) it worked perfectly.

Any help on getting this thing replicated and functional would be amazing.

Thanks for your help and time!

Using in-place animation you first need to wire the input into the movement component and then poll the movement component as to it’s current state. In this set up the movement component handles the network requirements like replication as well as error correction.

Root Motion on the other hand all things like direction velocity and world translation is contained with in the animation data as authored and is event driven, aka direct drive, so to replicate across a network it’s the trigger being used to trigger the event needs to be replicated that is no longer generated by the BP’s movement component.

Root Motion is ideal when applied to stand alone games as the human dynamics applied translates 100% as authored. If your game requires a network component then in-place is preferred as the movement component handles the network requirements for you with out the need to duplicate the network requirements over to the RM design.

With out writing a book there are far to many network requirements that would need to be replicated, just look at the MC component in the character BP, to trust that RM will behave as expected across a network connection so until there is a movement component available to handle the network requirements it’s still best to use in-place.