Coven: Clockwork vampire cave

Hey guys!

I just finished my final project for the year! It’s my last project after a year of studying game development and it ended up great.
I’m really proud of this project’s end results, and wanted to share my accomplishment.

I was very ambitious for this project and it paid off in the end. I even tough myself some new skills outside my course such as the Niagara system. I also made use of some megascans assets and a little bit of free assets from the unreal marketplace to fill the alchemy garden and smaller less important areas. The majority of the assets however I created myself using maya, zbrush and substance painter. My favorite being the clockwork dragon statue, marble gargoyle, clockwork war table and alchemy table.

This project has been huge fun and I can’t wait to start with the next, and my next course. I want to learn all I can in the game development industry. :slight_smile:

The theme I chose is a clockwork vampire cave. Here is the video:

More high res renders and info here: