Course: Your First Hour in UEFN

In this course from the Epic Online Learning team, we’ll teach you all the basics of how to get started in UEFN and provide some handy tips along the way. Learn how to set up a project and map, familiarize yourself with the user interface, add custom content, and playtest your experience.


The VFXs referenced in this tutorial lead to validation errors when publishing. See this post: UEFN Niagra System dissallowed
Please fix these assets or introduce new ones for the tutorial :slight_smile:


In the “Post Processing Effects” chapter there is a wrong video, the same video as in the chapter for skeletal animation.
And the link to the documentation is also not working.
Was this functionality cut off from the UEFN?

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Hi Artoniel,

Thanks for the heads-up, there were some new “First Hour” videos that came out yesterday, so I imagine the Docs team is still working out the kinks. (Compounded with a Forum re-design yesterday?)

You can find all the new videos on the FNCreate youtube.

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Our teams have fixed the video—thanks for reporting!

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Could use “Next Module/Last Module” buttons at the bottom and maybe top of each course module. It’s unclear that the only way to proceed is to click through each entry in the table of contents. Perhaps even better, and maybe even in addition to the buttons, just allow users to scroll between modules, this would be far more natural. I suppose this is not specific to this course, but all courses.

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