Course: Independent Filmmaking with Unreal Engine

Learn how to use Unreal Engine for virtual production and post-production, bringing together all the pieces of your workflow into a unified environment to create a short film.


This course has been incredibly helpful so far and I’m grateful this forum is putting out material like this to guide independent artists create high fidelity nanite projects! It’s crazy to think this is even possible.


This course fit perfectly in my creative wheelhouse and served as an awesome introduction to working in Unreal Engine. I was able to go from nothing to creating my own animated short in only two days! Coupled with my previous knowledge of video editing and sound design, I was able to polish it up into something I’m super proud of. Check it out here if you like!

Thanks a ton for this great course.


im playing/working wie UE since two weeks. this is my first look into filmmaking. incredible. thanks i really enjoyed it

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I didn’t really like this course.
It was advertised as, “Learn how to use Unreal Engine.”
But it was more, “Learn how WE use Unreal Engine.”

Meaning, “We’ll tell you what we did. But we won’t show you how to do it. We say we make geometry as placeholders but don’t show you how to create that geometry.”

Basically, this course is more about sharing the creator’s skill rather than teaching you how to do what he does.


Hey All,

Thank you for the comments, everyone.

It is always great when the community shares feedback with us to help shape future content!

-Matt, Epic Online Learning


Very useful set up thank you.
When I open the levels tab it says “this feature is disabled when world partition is enabled.”
So how am i supposed to have multiple open world layers in my sequencer if its disabled?

Great job!

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Is this course finally updated for UE5 ?

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Just went through the course and it was extremely helpful. Thanks!

Great course, may I ask who the creator is? It says nowhere (not even in the videos) - would like to watch further work from this creator.

Can’t open the project on my computer for some reason. This is the first project I haven’t been able to open. I could open the Matrix City demo with no issues.

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Could not agree more with you. Does anybody know where can i start learning from 0 ue for filmmaking?

Am I missing it, or is there a link somewhere to the actual finishing short film? Curious to see it. I can’t access the source files because I’m on Mac.