Course: Implementing Level Design with Blueprints

In this course, you’ll learn how to use Blueprints to create scripted events and interactions when designing levels for your game.


For posterity:

After following through the “Adding Interactive Doors to the Level” module, I ran into an issue where my pawn cannot pass through an open door.

I suppose the issue lies with some collision preset profile that were not explained around 2:23. I couldn’t find a post to explain this so here’s a screenshot of the settings I was messing around with that worked.

Would also appreciate if anyone can verify if these settings are correct.


This course is usable with Unreal Engine 5+. Just select the version when opening the project:


I followed the Interact Event - BPI Interface blueprints that Tim van Kan had created, and the tracing works. I wanted to make changes according to the level design course, though I can’t find the Get Interac Trace Loc node to change the Start and End positions of the SphereTraceForObjects. Is there anyway to fix this? [I’m using Unreal 5].


The screenshot is from Patrick’s course.

I modified Ue4ASP_Character to serve as the Player Character in my course, its not the same character used in Tim’s course. Are you saying you want to make changes to Tim’s course files? I modified some of his assets to work in my course, and the Player Character is different.

Hey Patrick,

I used Ue4ASP_Character for my level, not the character in Tim’s course.

I ended up using Sphere Trace by Channel for Ue4ASP_Character in my level (similar to Tim method), instead of SphereTraceForObjects in your course, because I couldn’t find the Get Interac Trace Loc node to change the Start and End positions of the SphereTraceForObjects like the way you did. Not sure the reason I couldn’t find Get Interac Trace Loc was because of the character or the version of Unreal I was using.
So the player interactions work fine with Tim’s method using Ue4ASP_Character in Unreal 5.

Let me know if this wasn’t clear or you need more info.