Course: HoloLens 2 Mixed Reality Production for Unreal Engine

Learn how to develop mixed reality experiences on the HoloLens 2, from setup to submission, with Unreal Engine! Join Kevin Lyle as he provides comprehensive instruction on the process, including best practices, accessibility concerns, and common pitfalls.

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Is this also available for UE5 and VS 2022? I tried to run the Emulator and seems like UWP 2015 is old and requires removal of newer versions to run the emulator

Hi R4ko0n,

This course was built in Unreal Engine version 4.26 and the tools available at the time. We tested and confirmed the project was working with those in mind. We cannot guarantee that the same testing process will apply to newer versions of Unreal Engine or those tools.

Updating of this course to Unreal Engine 5, or later, is not on our roadmap at this time, but possibly in the future!

~Chase McAllister, Epic Online Learning

I am having issued finding the downloads to follow the tutorials. I am in the gaze and head interaction module, and the links do not lead to content that is displayed in the learning path. Where can I find the content for this course?


Hello, I wanted to inform you all that the file added to perform this last module was not complete. It was missing the correct (latest) BP_Pawn and BP_toolbox all together. When looking at my file dates it shows 6/1/22 and compared to “Mapping the real world” shows 6/2/22. I’m not sure if that helps explain what happened but overall some files are missing from the project file that makes it difficult to complete the module. And I was not able to steal the asset from “Mapping the real world” and import it to the newest one. If you could please update this when you’re able I’m sure the community would greatly appreciate it. :blush:

Hello everyone,

If you’re looking for the project files specifically, the link to the download of course projects can be found below each video of this course. Also, the “Mapping the Real World” project files were updated somewhat recently and may need to be deleted on the local machine and then re-downloaded.

As always, we appreciate it when our community reaches out with their feedback!

~Chase, Epic Online Learning

Hello I am stuck at a very basic step
Holographic Remoting app wont install on my Hololens for some reason, every other app does, but this one does not. I am not sure what is the issue. Is installing the remoting app absolutely necessary?
Is there any work around or a way to side load it?


I’m looking to set up hand tracking but I am unable to find the Skeletal Mesh that is used in the tutorial. I have downloaded the content from the “Hour of Code” and “Incorporating Hand Interaction”. Do you know where I can find that skeletal mesh used for the hand rendering/tracking?


I would be interested in seeing this updated for UE5. I have seen several posts on this forum where people (including myself) are having problems with their UE5 apps not working on the hololens2. Having a tutorial walk us through it would be extremely helpful.


Hello, first of all thank you very much for your tutorial, the step-by-step teaching has benefited me a lot. In the course of spatial mapping, I followed your steps step by step. When binding the ToggleSpatialMesh button event, I compose the ToggleARSession event in your way. But when I run it, there is no response after clicking the scan world button button. Then, I downloaded the official project link you provided, I ran the project, and it was ok to click the scan world button, no problem. But a strange thing came, when I migrated the core content of the official project to a new project (UE4 4.72), it couldn’t work again, as if it was ok only in the project you provided. Do you have any extra operations in the spatial mapping tutorial? Why did I follow what you taught step by step but it didn’t work in the end? Looking forward to your reply, thank you.

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Hey, I had the same issue. I am not sure if this was mentioned in an earlier tutorial and was just not reiterated in the mapping tutorial but you have to use the Toggle AR Capture (set to spatial mapping) function in the BP_Pawn blueprint. I did it after the Start AR Session and it worked. I have included the page I found that resolved my issue. Good luck Spatial Mapping of Hololens2 won't activate on UE4 4.27 - Microsoft Q&A

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