Course: Demonstrating Animation Blueprints and AI for Gameplay Designers

Explore the close relationship between Animation Blueprints and artificial intelligence, two important game design topics, and build a basic enemy character AI through animation assets, montages, Blueprints, and behavior trees.


i cant founded the links of the project files

The project files are linked below the video for the introduction module.

Hi Cole, this was a very useful guide I wonder is there is any plan to make a similar guide for the " StateTree" plugin.

Is setting up AI character Blueprint the same as setting up an NPC Character BP?

Wowww I need to see this now, thanks! :smiley:

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hi, thx for great tutorial, where can i find previous parts?



I did two courses before:

Course 1: Blueprints and Gameplay for Game Designers

Course 2: Creating a First-Person Aim Trainer

Hope you’ll enjoy these two as well.


We don’t have it currently on our roadmap but I will add it to the list of suggestions and see if I can find a way to work it in somewhere when we are planning future courses.

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Thanks for the tutorials Tim, yours are the best I’ve found, most informative and to the point. I’m having one issue with this tutorial but I’m going to keep trying and see if I messed something up on my end

Keep up the great work man thanks!

Just finished this course. Overall very informative and fairly easy to follow. Only issue I have is getting the undead attack animation to play when it reaches the player (behaviour tree and damage worked). Thanks for the knowledge!

Thank you for the feedback, everyone. It is always great when the community shares with us!

Someone in the community may have a solution for your issue. If you provide more information about the issues you are having, the community can more easily help you.

If you have any solutions to your issues with this course, please feel free to share here in the thread so you can help others in the future!

-Matt, Epic Online Learning

Thank you, that’s great to hear.

As for the issue you’re running into. Make sure the animation blueprint for your AI processes the montage. (I’m assuming that’s the issue based on your description)

Thanks for the great tutorial, a lot of this ended up being extremely useful for my 2d beat-em-up game. I am having some issues though, since I’m using sprites, a lot of the montage stuff is basically non-existent, and so my combat doesn’t quite work the same way. I’m wondering if you have any tips or perhaps video suggestions to help with that?

Great course! I had loads of fun learning with this. I am off to create my own level. Wanted to do this for soooo long. Now I think its possible.

Thanks again!


Been loving this course so far. It’s been better than a lot of paid courses I’ve purchased. I look forward to completing all your other courses!


Very helpful and understandable!


Very great one. Thanks for creating and sharing this.



Great tutorial, I have one question on how to implement this for Multiplayer applications.
As far as I am aware the AI Controller should only run on the server. However, when testing it inside the engine with two players it seems like the AI Controller is spawned for both players. This also means that I execute something in the AI Controller it is not replicated and thus the actinos of both AI Characters are not synchronised.

Is there something I am missing here?

Multiplayer really is a topic on it’s own. The course content isn’t intended to be moved over seamlessly to multiplayer.

That being said, an actor is spawned locally for the clients, it’s actions however are supposed to be driven by the server, not by the local clients. When I tested the end result of this course in multiplayer I could already see that the movement is actually working as expected. It’s driven by the server and the AI will do the same on both client and listen server. There’s a lot of functionality already in unreal to help with multiplayer.

It’s a bit of a vague answer but if there’s something about the end result specifically you’d like for me to check out then please let me know and I’ll see if I can record a shorter vid.

I really hope I get to do a course on multiplayer in the near future to go a little bit further into everything.