Course: Creating and Modifying Control Rig

Animate inside Unreal Engine with the Control Rig Plugin! This course covers the entire pipeline, including importing or creating rigs, animating characters directly in real-time, and using baking techniques to manipulate mocap animations.



thanks for this tutorial. It was a great course up until the end of “Create Controls for Setup” where you make a cut and then have all controls for all the bones set up already. I would have really liked to follow along, but you are not showing the offsets, shapes, etc. for the controls that you have added in between, so from that point on I can really just sit and watch the video instead of redoing all the steps myself.


This was a wonderful breakdown of how a control rig works, I’m very new to unreal in general but this course helped with familiarizing how they’re setup and where to navigate to in order to build one.
My first glance at a control rig left me feeling very overwhelmed but after seeing each part explained individually, with the key details highlighted, i feel i can now see the possibilities and the importance of all the detail.

Thank you for taking the time to put this together and making it accessible for those interested in animation.

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Hey All,

Thank you for the comments, everyone. It is always great when the community shares with us!

Feel free to share any more suggestions for ways to improve our content to meet your needs. We are always looking at feedback to help refine our courses in the future.

-Matt, Epic Online Learning

One thing that ive found really helpful when following courses is downloading a project file tied to the course and creating a new file along side the ones that already exist, that way it helps with filling in details that might be left out of the video itself to save for time.

For example in this video creating the controls would have taken quite a while to record but understanding why someone would create them in one way versus another might be hard to infer from the video alone. But with the project file you could see things like the min max values or zoom into the hands to see how they were built or whatever it might be in another course.

As far as suggestions go, that’s pretty much all i have from my frame of reference.
These have all been really great!


I am not able to follow instructions in tutorial. The setup event is now changed to Construction event, and its not working for me. Plz let me know whats changed, or I am doint something wrong…


I have the same issue.

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Can we please just get easy access to necessary files for tutorials or courses like this?

  • Create a project with no starter content
  • Drag and drop this file you don’t have.

Not the best starting point to run in circles trying to find the specific assets needed to follow along.

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oh, same issue here, It’s a bug?

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yes same Issue, how the controls are set up is a necessary step, jumping to the forward solver without showing how all controls and nulls are set up makes things digficult. Great tutorials though

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exactly! plz share the project file

Hi everyone!

This course has no project files associated with it. However, if you would like to follow along yourself, you can use the Third Person Skeletal Mannequin from the Third Person template. You can either migrate it in or export and import it yourself. You can follow the provided documentation for instructions on how to do that.

Thank you for the feedback, everyone. It is always great when the community shares with us!

~ Joe, Epic Online Learning

Hi everyone

In this course creating control rig everything works completely fine when it comes to fingers i cant able to find some nodes in UE 5.1.1 has shown in tutorial for fingers set rotation - Bone its not available if we search in blueprint . For references I took Mannequin rig file to see how fingers are rigged in blueprint . that is little different but there they are using some node called ( set finger ikfk control ) under variable section . can please help me. Is that a bug or else do I need to switch on any plugin in UE 5 .

You can use the EPIC marketplace asset called “Control Rig Mannequin UE4”. I think she also uses this hierarchy.

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“When Construction Event is enabled, you can also edit the initial locations of bones and nulls from the viewport.” link
So they changed this behavior. I think you can use “set offset transform from current” instead.

Dude right!!, And she created nulls and attached them to the hands it looks like with no explanation at all. none of my control shapes stay attached to the bone, they just do their own thing and rotate on a weird axis.

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So Took me a bit but I got everything to work.

The nulls on each had are to keep all the controls from moving.

The offset from the root is just a regular control and its the same thing, all the controls will not move with the body if you don’t have an offset. The offset is the parent to everything except the visibility controls.

Here is the finished hiearchy for everyone to see. I did this for a first-person rig, so the legs aren’t there but it will follow the same principal as the hands and twist contols going with the twist bones like the arms


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This seriously needs to be hosted on Youtube or something because the embedded video player doesn’t work at all for me. I get about 3 seconds regardless of the resolution, its been maybe the most frustrating thing of the last few months. I build a new pc every other year, pay about $250 a month for internet, and am wired to the modem. No reason your media player should be such utter trash. Not to mention the other complaints, like the video skipping tons of work, and thus tons of explanations, or not having a project file, my main complaint about this is: Host this elsewhere so we can at least watch it. 1/10.

Should not have skipped most of the process. I wanted insight into why she made controls for twist bones and a number of other things.