Course: Build a Detective's Office Game Environment

Learn how to create a scene from scratch, from planning and prototyping to adding the elements that will take it to an alpha state.


I really enjoyed this course, but at the end it lists a “What is Next” section containing tutorials that do not seem to exist.

Add Interactivity and Sound to the Scene

  • Building the world out with a functional vista
  • Adding and editing the skybox
  • Adding animated assets
  • Making certain assets interactive to pick up using Blueprint
  • Setting up doors that open and close on hinges as well as slide
  • How to place ambient audio and loop

I would love to continue refining the Detective’s Office project, but the completed level example doesn’t contain these changes either, so I can’t even try to reverse-engineer it to learn those things.

I know this is an old thread, but hopefully this saves someone else time searching for the next course for the Detective’s Office.

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Thank you so much for your feedback and helping us improve our content for others. We were overly ambitious with this one and due to plans and priorities shifting were not able to make the follow-up courses. :disappointed_relieved:

We are working to reflect the changes and remove the “What’s next” section from the conclusion, hopefully clearing up the confusion for future viewers.

~ Cole, Epic Online Learning