Courage - Student Project

Hello! Just wanted to share a co-op Oculus Rift game we designed and developed in 12 weeks in a team of 11 (6 artists and 5 programmers) for one of our modules at University of Derby. We had to create a 2 player co-operative game for the Rift based on a theme of Escape (physical escape or escapism). It has one playable chapter, soon it will be out to download for free.

*"The protagonist; a young child (Alex), is accompanied into a dream state by a spirit wolf named Courage, a manifestation of her own inner courage. As she explores, the pair tackle the child’s fears one by one, in a tale of friendship, fears and bravery.

The game is split into chapters. Each chapter is a new fear, with the environment and mechanics revealing which fear the child will be battling. Courage, her companion on the journey, cannot interact with the physical world, but can instead distract enemies and point out interesting objects, as well as play a role in solving the puzzles."*














Our core team:

Alfred Golovanov - Foliage and Environment artist
Edvinas Petrauskas (me!) - Lead and Environment artist
Krzysztof Chrostowski - Environment artist and Puzzle designer
Joe Alexander Cooper - Prop artist
Josh Williams - Lead Character artist
Nikolay Kolev - Character artist
Tatum - Project Management and General programming
Bradley Stone - Lead programmer, Gameplay and UI
Tomas Volkovickas - Puzzles/Events and AI
Aleksandra Wojtyla - Puzzles/Events and AI
Rob Watling - AI and General programming

The game is also currently on CG Student Awards, any votes would be much appreciated! : ://www.cgstudentawards/game-of-the-year/courage

Thanks for looking :slight_smile:

man, looks awesome. go team. definitely gonna check that out when it’s released.

Thanks man!

Oooh, looks great. Unique design element. I was thinking of making a similar kind of game, but you seem to have realized it already, and with more clarity than I could have.

And on the Oculus Rift? Wish I had one of those.

Looks awesome! :smiley:

I remember Ookami.

Thanks mate :smiley:

wow, incredible!

Thanks everyone, and thanks for the Community Spotlight! Super appreciated :slight_smile:

And no, you can’t pet the wolf :'(, but that would have been an awesome feature…

reminds me of Okami ,GOOD job

Cool Env art.

Really wonderful game concept and excellent looking game too. :slight_smile:

Truly Awsome work and a great idea! I always love it when people do something really creative, away from the usual war and big guns routine.
This looks really fantastic and inviting, can see the magic instantly.