Couple questions.

I haven’t had much luck getting a response in the answer hub so forgive me for asking here. I have a house mesh that has a great deal of materials that need to be manually applied to it. The house was imported out of Revit and every wall, frame and door can have a material dragged onto it.

Is there a way that I can lock a single material and paint the meshes without having to drag and drop the material from the project folder? Either way is fine i just want to make sure there is a more convenient way to do this.

The house will be a single level. My next question is, how bad of a practice would it be to decorate the house in this manner? I understand that the house should probably be made modular but performance wise, everything runs smooth from what I can tell. Should I break the house into pieces for better performance or is it ok with how it is?


Are you saying that the entire house is one mesh? That would be a nightmare to uv unwrap. If they are all not one mesh, then what you can do is click on the static mesh asset (not a blueprint actor) in the content browser and assign a material to that. That material should them “be one” with that mesh and will be the default each time you place it.

  1. it depends on your material setup + your uv’s + your mesh → you could use vertex painting. But I personally would recommend you to split the mesh + make sure that you dont use too many material slots (e.g use textures with more parts → right side wood, left side stone,…) :slight_smile:
  2. when you break it into pieces, you can use culling + lod’s -> better performance