Couple questions about world composition

Got a couple questions regarded landscapes. I’m mulling over upgrading my WM license to do tiled builds and want to know a few things, but couldn’t find the information in the docs.

Is it possible to have separate levels each using World Composition? Basically traditional loaded levels with tiled landscape actors with world composition. Or a way to use tiled landscapes without WC? Just add a landscape actor for every heightmap and manually place them? I don’t have particularly large terrains, but they’re of radically different style so I can’t put them all in one persistent level.

Also, does anyone know how tessellation (for displacement) is applied to a landscape, does it only tessellate components that are close enough, or does it tessellate everything? Applying a tessellation material to a large actor (8km x 8km with 1024 components) with nothing else in the scene results in sub 30 FPS on my i5 and 760. I was hoping that with WC and a bunch of tiles I could get much smaller components and need to tessellate less area.