Couple of questions

Hi chaps/chapesses, if I may:

  1. If I create a landscape can I “burrow” into the landscape to create caves and such like? seems like an obvious answer (yes!) but just checking incase it causes issues with the Lanscape mesh or something. (at work cant check myself and just thought of it)

  2. Whilst following the Level Design Tutorial last night it immediatley became apparent that you’re no longer Subtracting from a large cube (like UnrealEd 1 & 2.0) but adding to a world space much like the original Quake editors, out of pure curiosity when and why did this change?

That’s it, thanks all

You can create holes in the terrain using a visibility layer. Which then you can build your caves around these holes.

Number two I dont have an answer for.

  1. you cant burrow into a landscape, as said, you are just able to delete a part of it so that you can build a cave with meshes


As for why Subtraction was removed—BSP isn’t used that much anymore in the first place and subtraction was used even less so it was an unnecessary feature.

brilliant thanks all :slight_smile: