Couple of questions if I may

Kia ora

Is there any reason that the free stuff like GTFree Materials and the
Games textures Material Pack would/should not be of use in 4.8 as resources?

Is there if so what am I looking for if I wish to load muliple textures to say a landscape
Material and blend them . What I’m after doing is a temperary landscape cover using
the full texture export from L3DT at 8192 scaled to 2017 to suit my world and give it
a little more substance by blending in one ot two grass’s maybe some dirt while I learn
a better way (beats looking at checkers)

I notice when running my world space I go to run into some of my lower areas and my
char disapairs and thegame mod locks, is this maybe because my world space is to low?

Thanks in advance

Almost anything should work in UE4. Who knows though.